TSEC CodeCell is a committee of Thadomal Shahani Engineering College which works towards nurturing interest and developing coding skills. We conduct various workshops and seminars for beginners, introducing them to various languages and algorithms, and for advanced coders, inculcating a regular coding habit to keep their programming skills sharp and helping students build their resume and expand their skill set.

About Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are an initiative to encourage regular practice and healthy competition in the students of TSEC! With new challenges of varying difficulty every week and an all-TSEC Ranklist, we hope to keep TSEC's coding acumen sharp!

Points can be earned by solving challenges posted weekly. Challenges of higher difficulty have more points alloted. The first 3 solvers are awarded 30%, 20% and 10% of the given base points as a bonus. Each challenge has a string answer. Along with this answer, users must upload their code on a publically viewable platform such as on Ideone or as a Gist and submit the url of their code. This code will be publically viewable on the challenge ranklist for other users who have solved the challenge for transperancy purposes.

Members of this site can also earn points by competing in CodeCell Competitions and participating in our workshops. Members must get 2,000 points by the end of the year to qualify for certification as a member.

This site is an effort to help foster coding skills, spirit of learning and fair use in TSEC Students. We hope that the students using this site do so fairly, and genuinely benefit from the practice. TSEC CodeCell will be happy to hear any further suggestions.

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Contact Us

Krish Shah : 9323115454

Kaustubh Khavnekar : 9769408039

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