Weekly Challenges

W.C 3.3 Breaking Labs

Walter White is experimenting with a set of chemic...

Success Rate: 11/30, Difficulty: 90%

W.C 3.2 Wire Pieces

A wire of length n has to be cut in a way that it ...

Success Rate: 6/44, Difficulty: 65%

W.C. 3.1 Indecisive Ryan

Ryan is very indecisive. He is very fond of footba...

Success Rate: 18/36, Difficulty: 40%

W.C 2.1 The Sports Arena

Below is the list and items of different items pre...

Success Rate: 24/43, Difficulty: 20%

W.C 2.2 The Promotion

Promotion Dwight Schrute is given a sequence of T...

Success Rate: 20/58, Difficulty: 40%

WC 2.3 Marble Game

There are N marbles lying on a table. There are...

Success Rate: 17/63, Difficulty: 70%

W.C 1.1 Which Day?

Rahul loves calendars and dates. Rahul and Pri...

Success Rate: 28/138, Difficulty: 30%

W.C 1.2 Email Features

Gmail has 2 really amazing feature for email addre...

Success Rate: 19/91, Difficulty: 40%

W.C 1.3 Cube It Up

Find the addition of the sum of the digits for all...

Success Rate: 23/118, Difficulty: 60%

WC 0.0 Practice Test

Find sum of first 'n' natural numbers. Give th...

Success Rate: 77/106, Difficulty: 10%

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