WC 3.3 The Obam Farm

Zhang is a obam farmer. Obam is an exotic plant found only on the planet Gagoooool.
He has N such plants, each with a height Hi cms., which grow at a rate of Gi cm. per day.
He makes a profit of ₹1 per each cm. of bamboo. However he has to cut the whole plant in order to make a profit, which kills the plant.
Hence, he is only willing to cut plants with minimum height of M cms.
Since Zhang is an efficient farmer, he doesn't take time to cut a obam plant.
Your task is to find the minimum number of days Zhang would require to make a profit of ₹P

Sample input
3 55 50
20 10
4 4
16 3

Sample output

After 1 day: 30 8 19
After 2 days: 40 12 22
After 3 days: 50 16 25
After 4 days: 60 20 28
After 4 days, the first plant is over the minimum limit of 50 and can be cut down to get the required profit.

Input format
The first line will have three integers, N, P and M.
The next N lines will have two integers, Hi and Gi, denoting the height and growth of each plant
Input files test cases
NOTE: The third input case has been updated on 15th July 11:40AM.

The output will be sum of days required for each input test case.

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This challenge is worth 100 points.

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