W.C 1.2 Email Features

Gmail has 2 really amazing feature for email addresses
All the periods used in the username are ignored
Everything after a ‘+’ sign in the username is ignored
For example:
tseccodecell@gmail.com and tsec.codecell@gmail.com are considered as same email addresses.
A mail sent to tseccodecell+trial@gmail.com will reach tseccodecell@gmail.com
Note: these rules do not apply to the email domains.

Suppose these rules were applicable to all the email domains. Given a list of email-ids, identify the number of unique email addresses.

INPUT: List of email addresses separated by a space
tseccodecell@gmail.com code@tsec.com tsec@gmail.com tseccode.cell@gmail.com tsec@tsec.codecell.com tsec+codecell@gmail.com tse.ccodecell@gmail.com cod.e@tsec.com tsec.codecell@gmail.com code@tsec.com tseccodecell+tsec@gmail.com code+cell@tsec.com tseccode+cell@gmail.com codecell@tsec.com tsec.codecell@gmail.com tsec@tseccodecell.com code+cell@tsec.com tsec@gmail.com tsec+codecell@gmail.com tsec@tseccodecell.com tsec+codecell@gmail.com code@tsec+code.com tsec@tseccodecell.com

OUTPUT: The number of unique email addresses

This challenge is worth 60 points.

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