WC 7.2 A Trip to Rome

You and your two friends plan a trip to Rome after your exams. Excited for the trip , you decide to study about the Roman culture .As soon as the exams are over, you leave for Rome the very next day. After arriving at the Italy’s capital, you and your friends decide to visit the famous St. Peter's Basilica on the first day of your trip. While roaming around the Vatican streets , you find a Roman and start talking to him about the city. In order to test your knowledge about the Roman culture he decides to give you a small challenge.
Given a input string ‘s’ of the format “DD/MM/YYYY” you need to convert the given date in Integer format to Roman number format.
Consider the following sample test case:
Sample Test case:
Input: 22/10/2000
Output: XXII/X/MM
Explanation: Refer to the information below for conversion:
I - 1
V – 5
X – 10
L – 50
C – 100
D – 500
M – 1000

Testcases: link

This challenge is worth 80 points.

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