6.1 Student Dilemma
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Time Limit: 1.00 sec
Two students are caught for vandalizing school lab equipment and have misbehaved many times in the past.
The principal calls them. Now they have to answer whether they are responsible for the misbehaviour or not.

The principal knows that those two students will not tell the truth, so the principal finds a way to admit their vandalism. The Principal hands out a questionnaire to both the students with \(N\) questions on them. For each question, they have to answer whether they have committed that particular misbehaviour. There are only two options: Admit or Deny.

Now, if both the students admit to vandalism, each of them gets \(15\) points less in their final exam; if one of them admits and the other denies, then the one who admits gets \(15\) points less, and the one who denies gets \(5\) points less, if both the students deny being a part of the vandalism each of them gets \(10\) points less in their final exam. The students with the least number of points will be set free with no deduction in their final exam marks.

The students, therefore, aim to minimize their score. They are not supposed to know their partner's responses, but somehow student \(2\) gets to know the other partner's response. Now he has to mark his responses in such a way that he minimizes his score.

You are given a number \(N\), denoting the number of questions. It is followed by a string of length \(N\) having characters 'A' and 'D' only. 'A' stands for Admit, and 'D' stands for Deny. The string is the response of the first student to all the questions.
You have to print a string of length \(N\) consisting of characters' A' and 'D' only, denoting second student actions, marked in order to minimize the score.

The second student may or may not score fewer points than his partner. He only aims to minimize his score.

\(1 \leq N \leq 1000\)

Input Format
The input contains two lines
The first line has an integer \(N\), representing the length of the string and also the number of questions.
The second line contains a string consisting of \(N\) characters. Each character is either ‘A’ or ‘D’.

Output Format
You have to output a string of length \(N\) consisting of characters ‘A’ and ‘D’, which is the responses that the second student has to give so that he minimizes his score.

Example 1


By giving the following responses, a total of 60 points will be deducted from his total in the final exams. This will minimize his total in the final exams.

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