Our Domains

ML in Healthcare

ML is more than a buzzword: from social media to weather prediction, it has transformed our everyday lives. Now with the increasing availablity of wearables and real-time patient data, ML has the potential to revolutionize medical diagnosis as we know it. Are you up for the challenge?


Leveling up in a video game, Snapchat streaks and unlocking achievements are all undoubtedly addictive pastimes but the jury's out on if any of these bring value to your life. This domain welcomes you to use your creativity to leverage the addictiveness of gaming to achieve your irl goals.


The total cost for cybercrime committed globally has added up to over $1 Trillion dollars in 2018. Even if one spends 1000 dollars every second, it would take over 31 years to spend this amount! In a day and age where almost all our information is online, Cybersecurity is as necessary to the internet as oxygen is to humans. Do you know what it takes to build a secure application?


The pervasiveness of E-commerce is evident by the sheer number of online retailers. From shipping logistics to predicting consumer needs, a lot is managed between a few clicks on an eccommerce site. Discover what makes an ecommerce app sucessful among consumers by exploring the one of the highest grossing business of the modern age.

AppDev for non-profits

Non profits are universally applauded for their passion to create social change and goodness of heart. We'd also like to bring to your notice the impressive technical management that is needed behind the scenes. From resource logistics to sponsor management, running a non-profit is no mean feat. Can you use your technical skills to make their mangament systems smoother, thereby making the world a better place one step easier?


Date Event
14th January Registration opens
27th January Registration closes
1st February Shortlisted teams announced
3rd February Payment deadline
6th-7th February TSEC Hacks

Our Prizes and Sponsors


First prize: Rs. 10000

Second prize: Rs. 5000

Third prize: Rs. 3000



Domain Sponsor.
Adapty is a digital commerce technology firm specializing in delivering omni channel solutions across platforms serving retailers worldwide. It brings to TSEC Hacks it's expertise in e-commerce, and an initiative to identify new talent

Innovation and Platform Partner



Access to Wolfram|One for all participants for thirty days. Each subscription has a value of $25.00

The Wolfram Award for all individuals in top five teams. This award is for a year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro. Each subscription has a value of $375.00



The Hasura GraphQL engine gives you instant realtime GraphQL APIs on a new or existing Postgres database. The best app built using the Hasura GraphQL Engine will win a Rs.5000 gift coupon from Flipkart.



Cloudsploit provides open source AWS security scans to find misconfigurations and security risks before a comprise. Winners recieve 4 months of Plus service (worth $440) while top 10 teams win 4 months of Basic Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Who all can participate?
The event is open to all engineering college students. A team can have members from different colleges, branches and years.
What is the team size limit?
The team can have a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 participants.
What is the participation cost?
Participation cost is Rs. 50 per person. However, only shortlisted teams must pay this amount. Payment must be done online between 1st and 3rd Feb. Detailed instructions for the same will be sent to the shortlisted teams.
How will the teams be shortlisted?
Shortlisting will be carried out via evaluation of resumes and a phone interview of the team leader.
What do we have to bring?
Yourself and your laptop. Internet will be provided via Ethernet. We've also got the food and the drinks covered.
What do the domains signify?
The five domains of TSEC Hacks problem statements have been provided in advance so that students can explore the topics and prepare for a truly magnificent app on day. Precise problem definitions for each domain will be provided just before the timed 24 hours begin on 6th Feb. The problem statements will have specific requirements, but yet allow you to engage in creative problem solving within the domain.
Will walk-ins be allowed?
No, they will not be allowed. So please register by 27th January to ensure your participation.